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So Weird…

My life feels a little like a plot from the Disney Channel original program So Weird right now.  I thought of the idea of a professional wrestling match for to be the theme of my Kenan and Kel episode because it’s the kind of ridiculous thing that the show is usually made up of but hasn’t been included in the show in the past.  Since each episode of the show ends in a plan that Kenan has come up with backfiring on the two main characters, I had to find some way to get them into the ring.  My idea was for Kenan to read an ad in the back of a comic book promising proficiency in some kind of martial art in just one day.  Kenan would then put Kel through the class and send him to fight for the title and a cash reward.

But what kind of martial art could anyone possibly learn in one day.  It is supposed to be ridiculous but it still had to be fathomable.  So I decided to use a type of martial art that I had heard of called Dim Mak, which claims to give its practitioners the ability to manipulate pressure points in a way that renders their opponents unable to fight back.  I looked up Dim Mak by surfing the World  Wide Web and the first thing that I found was this guy named Count Dante who advertised Dim Mak lessons in comic books. Just like in my idea.  Isn’t that just crazy?


Well I kept reading into it and it turns out that Count Dante is now dead and there is this other guy who is a professional wrestler who wrestles under the name Count Dante.  Isn’t that just so weird?



Okay, and there’s this other guy who is named Ashida Kim who rights these ninja books that I read when I was younger and look at what he wrote to the Professional wrestler wrestling under Count Dante’s name:

“Most Honorable Count: So very good to find your webpage and know that you are alive and well. Gee! We all thought you were dead, Ha! Of course, you are not the original Count Dante, the one I met in 1968 in Chicago, but, since we of the Black Dragon Fighting Society do strive to carry on his tradition, we are honored that you have chosen the paths of professional wrestling and music and wish you the best of luck in both of these endeavors. As Grandmaster, I have some other wrestling contacts in South Africa and Australia I could place at your disposal. We have put on several Kick-Punch-Throw, win by Pin-Submission- or Knockout, bouts here and overseas. Or, perhaps there are some other projects we might find to be mutually agreeable. If I may be of any service, please do not hesitate to ask. I remain, Ashida Kim, the NINJA.” (
And get this: when I was a kid, I had a dream that I met Ashida Kim and he was white.   Several years later, I came across some stuff about him on the internet and it turns out that he is white and that Ashida Kim is just a pseudonym and that he’s kind of a fraud.
Does this all mean that I have some kind of super-mental capabilities?  Well, I think to go that far would be a little silly, but yes, I definitely do, without a question.

Kenan and Kel as Satire?

Watching episodes of Kenan and Kel lately, I’ve picked up something different than I did when I was a kid.  Back then, I thought it was just a silly show but watching it now, I feel like the whole show may be a satire of a sitcom.  The writer credited with writing more episodes than anyone by far, Kim Bass, has a history writing for In Living Color.  I am not very familiar with the show, but watching some episodes recently, I’ve noticed that the show features what I would consider to be very good satire of some sitcoms like Sanford and Son.


It makes sense that a kid’s show would incidentally parody more conventional sitcoms because as an adult writer your tastes are going to be much different from the tastes of someone so much younger than you.  I’m sure that adults who write for kids shows can still come up with stuff that they think is good in a kid’s context and they can remember back to the kinds of things they thought were funny as kids but I think that in order to write something that is truly good, the writer has to enjoy it.  That may not be 100% true in every circumstance but I think that it would definitely help.  I know that I am so much more able to come up with stuff that I think is actually good when I’m enjoying doing it.

Kenan and Kel: More than Just a TV Show?

One of the reasons that I chose Kenan and Kel as my TV Show is because I think that it is so wonderfully simple.  Each episode starts with Kenan and Kel greeting the audience  and setting up the episode.  It is sort of Brectian in the way that they stand before the audience as the characters themselves and talk about the show with full knowledge that it is a show but it is also meant to be real to them.  For example, in one episode, Kenan is reading the script to the show that is about to take place and Kel is begging to know what happens in the show, not because he wants the know about the show but because he’s concerned about what is about to happen in his life.  Really though, it’s not because the aesthetic distance is not meant to make people see social commentary because in Kenan and Kel, social commentary is rare if not nonexistent.

After the introduction, the show starts out with some sort of scenario being introduced that Kenan believes that he can capitalize on with some dishonest scheme which Kel reluctantly helps him with.  The two then try to enact the scheme in a fumbling and hilarious way and by the end, something goes wrong, usually attributable to Kel, the plan backfires, and the two are in a worst situation than before.  The audience never sees the aftermath; the curtain just closes.

Each episode ends with Kenan and Kel addressing the audience, once again aware that they are characters in a show, asking the audience if they enjoyed the show, but still involved in their lives as the characters.  Every episode ends with the two reflecting on the show for a moment and then Kenan developing another idea which he will not reveal.  Kel is always dismayed by the idea and begs several questions about it, Kenan tells Kel to get various items and meet him somewhere strange and then leaves, Kel begs a few more questions until he gives up, swings his arms across his chest and says his catchphrase “Awe, here it goes!”



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