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Who Loves Orange Soda?

December 3, 2011

Perhaps the single most common and memorable aspect of Kenan and Kel was Kel’s obsession with orange soda.  There was a recurring motif of Kenan asking Kel “Who loves orange soda?”  to which Kel would respond “Kel loves orange soda” to which Kenan would respond “Is it true?” to which Kel would respong “I do, I do, I do-oo.” and then usually drink some orange soda.

In one episode, Kel inadvertently creates an elixir which was the cure to the common cold which has the main ingredient of orange soda.

In one episode, Kel receives a giant bottle of orange soda from a secret admirer.  He shakes the bottle as he is exclaiming how much of a great gift it is to Kenan and Chris and then begins to open it.  Kenan and Chris warn Kel not to open the bottle because he had just shaken it, but Kel opens it anyway and it shoots out all over the place.  But Kel is not disappointed.  He loves getting the orange soda all over himself and starts prancing around in it.

But would this motif be around today?  Soda is probably the least healthy thing out there, besides maybe Bright and Early brand orange drink, which is essentially uncarbonated orange soda with hydrogenated oils added (trans fats).

But with the childhood obesity rate being what it is today, would Nickelodeon be promoting such an insulin spiking drink?

Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster has recently been changed to more of a veggie monster.

I think this makes sense because I could totally see some very young kids imitating Cookie monster and gobbling up cookies.

Kenan and Kel caters toward a much older audience of kids though, sesame street being, I think maybe 0-5, and Kenan and Kel being more like 7-12, and it doesn’t look to teach kids lessons in the same way as a younger kid’s show (although the two are always punished for their wrongdoings.)  So, would orange soda be a feature if the show had been known today?  The world may never know.



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  1. You make a very good point. The main thing I remember from Kenan and Kel is all of the orange soda, and Kel’s love for the drink. I bet Nickelodeon would definitely consider changing the drink if it was still on air today.

  2. I don’t think they’d use orange soda if Kenan and Kel was made today. Even though the age group is older, it seems the people in charge of censoring and whatnot keep pushing the age of appropriate-ness lower. It’s like they think kids can’t handle anything and distinguish between real and exaggeration – especially an exaggerated love for orange soda. It’s sad.
    Also, I’ve never heard of Bright and Early orange drink. Thank you for that bit of knowledge.

  3. Very, very true. Looking back on it, that definitely shows how things have changed over the years when it comes to health awareness, especially with kids. We used to eat really unhealthy in school when we were younger, and I remember by the time we graduated we couldn’t have sugary drinks or fried foods. I wonder what the kids are eating nowadays…salad?

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