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Skunkator vs. Mothman

December 3, 2011

I do do feel a little guilty about one part of my script.  In the beginning, when Kenan and Kel are arguing over which superhero is better, there is some unoriginality.  I don’t think that it was a purposeful thing, I just needed a comic book to put the Dim Mak ad in and I needed for the characters to have a conversation about it and what else do people talk about but which superhero is better?

But the point where this is unoriginal is that there is another episode where the characters have an argument about two fictional superheroes.  The episode is entitled Skunkator vs. Mothman which was written by Alex Reid who went on to produce the Fox show Malcom in the Middle.

The thing that I always thought about Malcom in the Middle was that it was funny but the writing didn’t seem very hip.

One example that comes to mind from the show is a situation where for some reason, Malcolm’s younger brother, Dewey, has some dirt on Malcolm and in order to humiliate Malcolm, Dewey makes Malcolm where a big Mexican hat to school, which Malcolm really takes hard.  I think that may have been something that would embarrass kids years ago but today, it seems like something that is so over the top that a kid would just find it goofy.

The reason I bring this up is because I think that it is kind of old fashioned to think that kids as old as Kenan and Kel where in that episode (around 15) would be interested in comic books unless they were some kind of aficionados.

This reminds me of another show where a kid was into comic books and I thought it was the show Boy Meets World.  Early in the series, the 11 year old lead character always talks about liking comic books and I always thought it was strange that such a seemingly normal boy at that time period would be into comic books.

I guess sometimes grownups just have a hard time writing for kids!



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