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Where are they now? Kel

December 1, 2011

Now, with Kel, this question is more applicable.  Most people could probably answer ‘where is Kenan?’  They’d say ‘He’s on Saturday Night Live and making movies.”  But where is Kel Mitchell?

He acted in Mystery Men which was released in 1999 theatrically and it’s one of my favorite movies.  It has a 5.9 on and grossed  $29,655,590.

Since then, he’s been doing a lot of voice work in children’s cartoons like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Pink Panther and Pals.  He was also in the Adult Swim special Freaknik about the Atlanta Spring Break meeting among college students from historically black colleges.

One of the most interesting things that he’s done lately is to be in a movie called The Battle of Los Angeles, a movie made by a company called The Asylum, which specializes in releasing movies that have similar titles to theatrical releases that are advertised a lot and generate a lot of interest.  I think it’s so that people will accidentally buy the Asylum version.  In the case of The Battle of Los Angeles, it has a very similar title and story line to the movie Battle: Los Angeles.  


Battle of Los Angeles has a 2.0 rating on and I think maybe Kel was in it because he thought it would be funny to be in such a bad movie.  Other “mockbusters” released by Thee Asylum include The Da Vinci Treasure, AVH: Alien vs Hunter, and Transmorphers.

 Kel currently has two movies in production: Caught on Tape, and Dance Fu.  Now, I kept reading Dance Fu and “Dance F.U.”  but it’s not, it’s “Dance Fu” like “Kung Fu.”   Here’s a clip:

And here’s the trailer.

To me, that movie looks totally ridiculous and pretty funny.  Kel is also given writing credits for this movie.

In my opinion, while Kel is less in the public eye than Kenan, he’s doing a lot more cool and interesting stuff.


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